Soul Goods vendors are committed to doing good, and by purchasing their creations in our store, you are doing good as well. We invite you to discover the stories you are joining and the difference made through shopping at Soul Goods.

Beautifully Made Fair Trade products are handcrafted by artisans across the world, empowering them as they provide an income for their families. We travel throughout the year to work along side our artisans. Each item reduces poverty and helps families stay together. Beautifully Made is a Fair Trade Federation member (FTF). We ensure our products meet the Fair Trade values. Customers love knowing their purchase CREATES CHANGE.
Freedom Begins with Economic Empowerment. We envision an eSwatini where empowered women have a seat at the economic table and their health, livelihoods, and future are in their own hands. 
The work of love is to keep lighting the way for millions of women still searching for a way out. For 25 years, Thistle Farms has lit a pathway of healing and hope for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Together, we heal by ensuring access to safe and supportive housing, financial independence, and a lifelong community of support.
Ithemba ethically sources handcrafted goods from Southern African artisans and celebrates their African heritage. Each artisans unique crafts and culture which is passed along from one generation to the next. Each item is purchased at an agreed price and paid directly to the makers.
The Refresh Collective Print Shop + Embroidery is a workforce development site with BLOC Ministries, providing support and job training for women in their Redeemed Home who are recovering from substance abuse disorder and sex trafficking. Through screen printing, embroidery, and active mentoring, they nurture tender hearts and amplify amazing voices. 
We are artists, farmers, protectors of our precious and sacred way of life on the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners of the Southwest and the land of our ancestors. The land of our shimas. We are growing sovereignty and self-reliance with each bar of soap, every bag of stone-ground cornmeal, every spoon of juniper ash and every jar of honey. Help us protect the precious. Share in the sacred with us. 

MayaMam Weavers

Mayamam Weavers create handwoven home goods and accessories for modern living, inspired by the rich colors and patterns and traditional weaving techniques of Mayan culture. As well as beautiful, our products are soft 100% cotton, and durable enough for everyday use. We began in 2008 as a cooperative of women in Cajolá, a Mayan town in the western highlands of Guatemala. To overcome poverty, the women came together to explore ways to provide jobs within their community, rather than migrate to the U.S. and separate their families. Since then, then cooperative has grown to 20 weavers and seamstresses, all earning fair trade wages while learning the skills to run a business. It also provides on-site childcare and adult literacy classes for the community. Mayamam Weavers in the U.S. is based in Morristown, NJ. We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation. We are proud to offer products that make a difference in the lives of women and provide a better future for their children.


Global Crafts curates socially responsible products from artisan groups around the world. Global Craft's mission is to offer income-generating opportunities to artisan groups in developing countries by bringing beautiful products to mainstream markets. Global Crafts has evolved since its early days -- it all began with a container shipment from Kenya and has grown to a broad reach with Fair Trade imports from over 20 countries. The company was founded in 2002 by Peace Corps volunteers who saw a wonderful opportunity to help craftspeople sell their products in international markets and create sustainable livelihoods. Global Crafts was born. Over the years, Global Crafts has maintained strong roots in Africa, but expanded to many other countries. The company brings over 2,000 products to mainstream markets. Global Crafts is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Fair Trade is an alternative business model that values people, the planet, and profits equally. More than 1/5th of the world's population live on less than $1 per day. Fair Trade aims to combat this widespread poverty by providing a global commerce platform for economically disadvantaged producers. Many of our products work with recycled and sustainable materials.

Lucia's Imports

Lucia’s Imports operates according to the Fair Trade Federation Principles - partnering with Guatemalan families, artisan groups, and cooperatives to produce and develop a wholesale market for their quality handicrafts and accessories. Globally, many artisans have little opportunity to market their products. Working side by side with Guatemalan artisans helps improve their economic well being, enabling them to earn a living wage in a region where there are few opportunities to do so. Through direct collaboration with artisans, Lucia's Imports is able to design products that are not only fashionable, modern, and functional but embrace traditional Mayan design.